1. Who we are

VeriME is a decentralized Verification-as-a-Service (VaaS) ecosystem operating on Blockchain and Customer's mobile application, using the most advanced biometric technologies and machine learning tools to identify and authenticate the Customer during purchase of goods and services. Customers can verify their identity electronically with the Service Providers (Online/Offline, both Blockchain and traditional applications) who are VeriME's partners in just a few seconds, saving cost for Service Providers and enhancing Customer experience.

Mission & Vision: We are on a mission to Digitize KYC and Authentication processes, increase transparency with Blockchain, provide access anytime anywhere via personal mobile device and minimize time and cost for partners while maximizing customer experience. Our vision is to become the leading unified decentralized VaaS platform in the Blockchain space and beyond

CEO: •Nguyen Huu Phu

Key Partner / Investor: Self-funded by NextTech Group


Home page: https://www.verime.mobi

2. Our feature

D-KYC – Using this product, VeriME’s partners would be able to validate potential customers and complete onboarding process with them seamlessly within seconds. Typical partners in this case would be Peer-to-Peer Lending Companies, Resellers/Distributors of Insurance and Financial Products, e-Wallet Providers, Banks, Insurance companies, Government Institutions, Credit Card Issuers, Pre-paid/Private-Label/Loyalty Card Issuers, TelCos, Travel & Ticketing Companies, Payment Service Providers, Independent Sales Organizations, Merchant Service Providers, and last but not the least, Companies raising funds through ICOs

 D-SECURE – Using this product, VeriME’s partners would be able to seamlessly authenticate customers during the purchase of goods and services. Typical Partners in this case would be Banks, Payment Service Providers, Online Merchants, Marketplaces, Independent Sales Organizations, Merchant Service Providers, Merchants involved in high risk businesses such as Airlines, Luxury Goods, Gaming, Gambling, and all D-KYC Partners who accept payments from their customers for sale of Goods and Services. Apart from authenticating a sales transaction, D-SECURE would also provide dispute/chargeback protection to its Partners.

3. our commitment


For Customers

Create a personal profile only once on your mobile device through the VeriME application, and reuse it for D-KYC and D-SECURE with all VeriME's partners without having to travel or meet up. Use VeriME application to scan QR-Codes or authenticate using biometric authentication tools at the website or mobile application of a VeriME Partner for completion of the D-KYC & D-SECURE process in a matter of seconds. Receive Usage fee (in the form of VRM Tokens into personal wallet) on every transaction with VeriME Partners, which can be traded in world-wide Exchanges

For Partners

Whenever there is a need for KYC or Authentication, just generate a QR-Code using VeriME's APIs and ask the Customer to scan it with VeriME's mobile application to receive the Customer's Verified-by-VeriME profile within seconds. Maximize Customer experience, cut costs on KYC & Authentication while maintaining 100% credibility. When other Partners request for D-KYC or D-SECURE for customers who have been previously validated & certified by VeriME by Primary Partners, Primary Partners would receive a referral fee in the form of VRM Tokens, which can be used for performing D-KYC and/or D-SECURE for new customers, or can be traded in world-wide Exchanges



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