NextTech's portfolio companies have been entrusted by world's leading financial and strategic investors. Below are some typical partners that we are proud of...


/ Softbank (Japan)


In September 1981, SOFTBANK Corp. Japan (Yombancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) was established. Commenced operations as a distributor of packaged software. In July 2015, the name of SoftBank Corp. was changed to SoftBank Group Corp. This signified our resolve to transition from a Japanese company with some global assets to a global entity that can grow sustainably over the long-term. We are committed to promoting the adoption of renewable energy together with our strong business partners, both in Japan and abroad. In 2015, we began operating an additional eight solar power plants in Japan, bringing our total number of plants in operation to 24 and output capacity to 257.5MW (equivalent to power for approximately 72,000 households). We also won the bid for a 350MW solar power project in India. In addition to helping Japan meet its targets for the Paris Agreement adopted at COP21, we aim to contribute to our planet's environment on a global level. In September 2008, SoftBank invested in PeaceSoft especially ChợĐiệnTử.vn


/ MOL Sdn Bhd (MOL)


MOL Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOLG) is a leading e-payment enabler for online goods and services in emerging and developed markets. They operate a payments platform that connects consumers with digital content providers, telecommunications service providers and online merchants by providing a vast network of payment channels that accept cash and online payment methods. Their physical distribution network comprises more than 970,000 locations in 11 countries across 4 continents. They also have mobile payment channels, electronic distribution channels that accept major credit cards and online banking from over 100 banks. Their products provide various opportunities to acquire and retain customers and their payment credentials, which present cross-selling opportunities for our existing and future solutions. With a clear focus on emerging markets, they continue to build great products and make an impact on the e-payment world of tomorrow. MOL became partnership with since 2013.


/ IDG Venture


IDG Ventures Vietnam (IDGVV) is the first technology venture capital fund in Vietnam. Since 2004, we've been working with entrepreneurs to grow innovative and market-leading companies. IDGVV currently has $100 million under management, with investments in over 40 companies in the technology, media, telecommunications, and consumer sectors. Our offices are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Singapore. Our anchor Limited Partner investor is International Data Group (IDG), the world's largest IT media company. IDG Ventures is a global family of 5 locally-managed funds in China, Vietnam, India, Korea, and the United States totaling over $3.7 billion under management. As one of the truly global venture firms, IDG Ventures has invested in over 350 companies over the last 17 years. IDG has been the very first investor of ChợĐiệnTử.VN since 2005.




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