1. Who we are

INSO is an insurance application on a mobile device. We would like to reduce the time and tasks in terms of requesting the insurance for customers. Therefore, enhancing the customers’s awareness in terms of insurance’s benefit and incresing the propotion of signing the insurance of Vietnamese people.

Mission & Vision: Our vision is becoming the most popular online insurance application

CEO: Ms.Vu Nguyen Thuy Van

Address: 3rd floor, VTC Online building, No. 18 Tam Trinh street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

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2. Our feature

Inniative, trustworthy, teamwork can describe our INSO team
Delay airline insurance - Love insurance - Return product insurance - And original products which is automacally to purchase and claim - Car insurance - Health insurance - House insurance -

3. Our commitment

With INSO, insurance is not only a product for risk management, but also a lifestyle, a consumer
- Removing paperwork procedures
- Self-assessment of assets
- Approving claim automatically
- Keeping track of insurance history
- Approaching the new insurance product.