1. Who we are - The first non-face mortgaged credit unions in Vietnam operate on a peer-to-peer basis. is very popular due to its super simple procedures, information security and especially lower interest rates than other forms of bank loans.

Mission & Vision: Application of Information Technology to facilitate traditional commerce transactions on real worl, creating new business opportunities without limit and border.

CEO: Mrs. Dao Thi Trang

Key Partner / Investor: Self-funded by NextTech Group

Address: 3rd floor, VTC Online building, No. 18 Tam Trinh street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

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2. Our feature

People has a team of professional technicians who always update the trend of modern technology in the world. In addition, we have a professional team of professionals, ready to answer all your questions.
Process offers peer-to-peer lending.
Product supports customers who need to borrow consumer loans with reasonable and suitable for all subjects. In addition, the need to secure investment, 100% risk for investors when participating in the system

3. Our commitment

Understanding financial services

We are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by providing a convenient online loan experience that allows for the creation of a loan profile at the click of a mouse


We are a reliable trading platform that connects borrowers and investors from all over the country. Our service guarantees 100% no risk in terms of information of the borrower and the loan of the Investor