1. Who we are

WeShop is the premier cross-border retail import-buying facilitation portal in South East Asia, with ambition to enable local consumers for import-buying any single-legal-item that is unavailable or more expensive if buying locally, enjoy good deals and total peace-of-mind. WeShop does this by aggregating listings from world's largest online shopping site to offer local buyers, collect payment through preferred local payment methods and then execute logistic processes to make the product available at buyer's home, as easy as local shopping

Mission & Vision: Worldwide e-shopping made easy & Redefining the concept of import and export

CEO: Mr. Nguyen Hong Nguyen

Key Partner / Investor: Haspro Malaysia: Serie-A

Address: 16th floor, VTC Online building, No. 18 Tam Trinh street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi city, Vietnam

Home page: https://weshop.com.vn

2. Our feature

We have a team of enthusiastic and highly skilled people to be your "shopping assistant". They are available to help you shop and ship, handle overseas issues to suit your needs
Our process is reliable and fast which gives you more time enjoying your new items. WeShop is providing a comprehensive cross-border shopping and shipping facilitation process that is more friendly to buyers
Unlimited choices for you! Weshop is where you can shop millions of products on your fingertip. Join with us now and you won't miss out on best deals from your favorite brands

3. Our commitment

Convenient shopping experience

We are committed to ensuring our customers' satisfaction by offering a convenient online shopping experience, which allows you to purchase many imported products from various countries with just one click


WeShop is originated from the innovative ideas to meet customers' requirement and satisfaction. This helps to maximise the buying power of your shopping online


Our mission is a trustworthy intermediary that connects buyers and providers from all over the world. Our service warrants a hassle-free custom clearance process that guarantees your purchase(s) to be delivered directly to the doorstep. Moreover, we consolidate all your orders together into a single shipment, save your international shipping cost